C.R.A. Srl is a specialized italian firm in trading wheels, born from an idea of Mr. Ivan Trevisan in 2004. Firstly called Trevisan Automotive, the company sold car accessories and in particular alloy wheels. Thanks to Mr. Trevisan devotion and experience on mailing orders and wheels trading, nowadays www.cerchiinlega.com by C.R.A. Srl is the foremost website of national and no national alloy wheels trading. Tuev and KBA certificates allows the company to offer a wide variety of italian and german products, in respect of the in force Italian decrete. In 2012 Trevisan Automotive and C.R.A. Srl merged into a new company and sooner dott. Riccardo Berdusco joined it. Experience , quality, reliability and convenience: these are the main purposes C.R.A. Srl offers to his customers. Oz, Sparco, Msw, Mak, Aez, Dotz, Tomason, Dezent, Enzo, Eta Beta, BBS, Autec, Avus, are the brands sold by C.R.A. Srl easily customised through a car configurator on the website.

Cerchi in Lega by C.R.A. s.r.l. established itself in the market of alloy wheels at the national level and is always looking for established brands for years in the field of alloy wheels but also brands of alloy wheels for good future and all done MADE IN ITALY!!

Ivan Trevisan

For prices and any offers contact us and we'll reply as soon as possible. The shipping service is fast - maximum 24-48 hours after the occurrence of the order by the customer (subject to the presence of material in stock). The company has agreements with carriers that provide service even in emergency situations. Service coverage is nationwide, including islands.
If you need help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us!
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